These are the three essential things you will positively have to know so that we can work together.


TheOption A first and most important thing is for us to be able to communicate easily.  For this we use a FREE app called SKYPE. Please connect with me on Skype so we can IM (Instant Message) each other. My Skype ID is : eli_gonzalez1

Please keep in mind even with my Skype ID… Skype will give you many “Eli Gonzalez” to choose from.  When adding me as a contact, please be sure to pick the one that says: “Coach Eli Gonzalez “Your ASPIRE Coach”

Need help with SKYPE?

If you are having trouble with Skype… please email customer support at  and ask them to please have someone please call you and help you setup Skype.  These are very nice people that will patiently talk you through the setup process and will teach you how to book time on my schedule for a Welcome Coaching Call.

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BE ADVISED:  If you decide to IM your answers to the three questions via Skype, please wait until I respond to your request to add me as a contact before you send your answers. Skype will not let me see anything you send me before we are connected.


Step BOnce you answer the 3 questions… I will Open STEPS 1-3 inside the ASPIRE System for you.  You will be able to gain access to your video training by clicking on the this URL: >>


Click Here to LOGIN to Digital Altitude's ASPIRE

Step CJoin us DAILY in SOUND CLOUD >>

Please mark your calendar to listen to Digital Altitude “Wake Up” Call LIVE Monday – Friday!



Click Here to DA Wake Up Call On SoundCloud

Join us for the latest tips, announcements, and training to help elevate your business.  


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IF you need more help than the videos provide or you would like to see me explain the system LIVE.  You can book a WELCOME Coaching Call.

This is a group call done a website called ZOOM, where I show you the same information found on this page… but you get to see me LIVE.  If you understand how to proceed forward, please do not wait to book this call to start.

I only made this available for those that may need a little extra help getting their business started.  I rather see you FAST TRACK your business by just following the directions provided on this GETTING STARTED Page and not have to wait for a day or more to start your business.

Please watch the video below before booking any call. Many members do not understand how to book a call in their time zone or how to make it to the meeting after they book it.  This video is meant to help alleviate some of that frustration. 😉